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New Zealand - 2004-11-28 - Franz Josef Glacier Park - Glacier Walk (Page 5)

Almost the entire group from the bus did the full day glacier walk. It was a very expensive activity, but totally worth it. The pictures don't show the true enormity of the glaciers. They also looked quite different from what I expected & from what most everyone thought when we talked about it. For some reason I expected a big sheet of snowy ice. But the glaciers are at times almost gray. The colors change at the different levels (which is shown in some of the pictures). The way the glaciers fill in the area has a lot to do with it as it first fills the side of the mountains carving of rocks as it goes. That is why there is so much rock in and below the glaciers. The rock is also compressed by the glacier giving it a sheet like effect. I also learned that glaciers never recede, they just sometimes melt faster than they move forward. It was a very educational & intensive exercise, but a great time.

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Larger Version - 121 - Glacier
121 - Glacier
11/28/04 1:45 PM, 347 KB

Larger Version - 122 - Leaving the Glacier
122 - Leaving the Glacier
11/28/04 1:45 PM, 257 KB

Larger Version - 123 - Shows Sheets formed into one Glacier Rock
123 - Shows Sheets formed into one Glacier Rock
11/28/04 1:57 PM, 577 KB

Larger Version - 124 - Ice Tunnel
124 - Ice Tunnel
11/28/04 2:27 PM, 329 KB

Larger Version - 125 - Ice Tunnel
125 - Ice Tunnel
11/28/04 2:28 PM, 339 KB

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