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Australia - 2005-06-06 - 1 - Derby - Boab Prison Tree & Myall's Bore

Every morning before we would leave the camp I would check the oil (usually adding at least a little). This morning was no different in that respect. However, after adding the oil I got interrupted because Sayoko needed help with something she was packing up. I came back checked the rest of the levels which were ok & closed the hood (bonnet for those of you in the UK). We packed everything up & left to go towards Derby & the Kimberly. About 20 kilometers outside of Broome I met a police officer (I only saw 5 total the whole truck trip). He immediately put on his lights turned around & pulled me over. I had been speeding, but was only about 10-12 kph over, which was better than normal, at times I would be 15 - 25 kph over when we were in the middle of nowhere. However, he did not pull me over for the speeding. Apparently there was steam coming from our engine because I had left the oil cap off after checking the oil. They gave me an alcohol breathe test, which surprised me considering it was 10am. I asked why he would test me when I was obviously not drunk. He told me that they had lots of people, who were normally aborigines & who would be driving drunk at this point in the morning. He said they did it as a standard & I would be surprised how often people would be well over the limit. Either way I had not had a drink since Perth so that was no issue. What they ended up doing was writing me a 7 day ticket for the problems with the truck they saw: (1) To clean the oil from the engine & hood, (2) Get a new windshield to replace the cracked one & (3) Replace 2 bad tires on the driver side. While they wrote all this out I was able to ask quite a few questions which got me to the following conclusion. Yes they could put a big yellow sticker on my window, but I was ignoring it. The big yellow sticker on your windshield lets every cop who sees you know that it is their job to pull you over & harass you. Quite annoying really, but once we were across the border they no long had jurisdiction, so we knew we would pull over & take the sticker off at the Northern Territory border. The cops tried to encourage me to get things fixed, but they knew that I had figured out how to get around it. Another interesting note, when he had pulled me over, after finding out that I was not from Australia, he asked how long I would be in Australia for. This question is cop code which really means, if you say less than 3 weeks I am not even bothering to write you the speeding ticket because you will never pay anyway. I knew the answer to this because I had talked to other travelers & said one week, which got me off the hook for the ticket.

The sticker did effect us later that day as we got pulled over coming into Derby. They asked us all about the problems & more less harassed us to get things fixed...again. 5 cops in 3 months up to this point, then 2 of them in the same day, just crazy. The first 2 pictures are of the clean truck (with its yellow sticker - passenger side) which we would put on the for sale flyer when we got to Darwin. It was also cool because it showed the contrast of the color of the orange land. The Kimberly was so orange, sometimes even red. The next 2 pictures are of Aborigine & Boab Prison Tree info. Basically the Boab Prison Tree is a point in prisoner transport where they would have people get in this tree & put chains around it while they waited for the other transferring guards to come & meet them. You are not supposed to go in it anymore I guess, but I was careful to do it when no one was looking :) I had never been in a Boab tree before so how could I resist. It is actually pretty spacious on the inside, but I would not want to be a prisoner in it, that is for sure.

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Larger Version - 01 - Jackaroo
01 - Jackaroo
5/8/07 9:12 PM, 433 KB

Larger Version - 02 - Jackaroo
02 - Jackaroo
5/8/07 9:12 PM, 528 KB

Larger Version - 03 - Aboriginal Names
03 - Aboriginal Names
5/8/07 9:12 PM, 347 KB

Larger Version - 04 - Tree Info
04 - Tree Info
5/8/07 9:12 PM, 378 KB

Larger Version - 05 - Brock in the Boab Prison Tree
05 - Brock in the Boab Prison Tree
5/8/07 9:13 PM, 1318 KB

Larger Version - 06 - Brock in the Boab Prison Tree
06 - Brock in the Boab Prison Tree
5/8/07 9:13 PM, 1312 KB

Larger Version - 07 - Boab Prison Tree
07 - Boab Prison Tree
5/8/07 9:13 PM, 848 KB

Larger Version - 08 - Boab Prison Tree
08 - Boab Prison Tree
5/8/07 9:13 PM, 830 KB

Larger Version - 09 - Boab Prison Tree
09 - Boab Prison Tree
5/8/07 9:13 PM, 692 KB

Larger Version - 10 - Myall Bore
10 - Myall Bore
5/8/07 9:13 PM, 481 KB

Larger Version - 11 - Myall Bore
11 - Myall Bore
5/8/07 9:13 PM, 527 KB

Larger Version - 12 - Myall Bore
12 - Myall Bore
5/8/07 9:13 PM, 414 KB

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