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Bali - 2005-06-29 - Troppo Zone Trip - Day 2

Wednesday June 29 - The morning was supposed to start at 6:30 when Grumpy was going to give us a wake-call for going to this hot spring spa & baths. However, I woke up about 2 minutes before the phone call & thought that maybe he had forgotten to call me because it looked later than 6:30 (I didn't have a watch here intentionally so I never really know the time). It just happened that I was the last one he called, although he called me 2 times because I was not there in like 1 minute, not very Bali like if you ask me. Almost everyone went even though several of the people had not slept a wink from the night before. It was nice but nothing spectacular. The best part was where this large amount of water came from high up creating a massage like effect. After that we headed back to get some breakfast. The cook prepared us Omelet's with everything as we waited which was fun to watch, complete with "fired" vegetables, I love seeing things lit on fire :)

After breakfast we went for a snorkeling trip in the local boats, complete with motors that seem very out of place. The boats themselves are very thin & have long balance beam on both side. They look like a small m. The also don't seem to be that stable as a big wave looks like it could tip them over. As for the snorkeling itself that was great, I saw tons of fish & coral. Although I felt like I was getting stung by little organisms of some kind. It was fine & nothing came of it. After getting back I got a shower & got ready to leave. We were told that our next stop was Mt. Batur which was a 2 hour drive, so I used my trusty MP3 player to get a little shut eye. One funny thing is that I use the same 50 songs to both fall asleep & for running. They either get my excited or make me fall asleep :) I was disappointed to find out that our trip to Batur was only a stop at a restaurant where we had to pay for lunch & a view of the mountain from there. The mountain was absolutely beautiful though so that helped a little. We got the normal barrage of salespeople going into & coming out of the restaurant. After that we headed back to Kuta stopping at a few small craft shops & a silver shop. The second day's afternoon was mainly spent on the road before getting back to Kuta.

Once back in Kuta I checked e-mail & ate supper that they provided from the trip. It was an Aussie roast which was ok but nothing special. The other places we had ate along the way had been much better & mainly Asian food. After that I got my stuff ready to leave Troppo the next morning & got ready to go out. We started at the bar at Troppo Zone. Dave, Danny & I did shots that got us 2 free headbands & a shirt. After a little while there we went to a Rip Curl fashion show at another bar. It was ok, but we spent most of the time there looking at models & clothing,...ok mainly models for me ;) I had more fun talking to Dave & Laura while we watched everything going on. After a while there I decided to head home because it was 1am & the 6:30am wake-up call for the next day's scuba trip would come very quickly. I said good-byes to Dave & Laura but wasn't able to find Danny.

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