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Thailand - 2005-07-12 - 01 - Ayuthaya - Ayuthaya Historical Study Center

Ayuthaya, according to Lonely Planet, "..three rivers (Mae Nam Lopburi, Chao Phraya & Pa Sak) converge to form an island, the former Thai capital, named after the home of Rama in the Indian epic Ramayana.

After getting up & checked out we made our way to the bus station. Nina took care of figuring out the train schedule & which cheap train we could take to get to Ayuthaya. There are such advantages to traveling here as a pair. You pay much less for rooms, travel, even food sometimes, have someone to talk to all the time & it can make it much easier. For instance you can split tasks. I have read & researched everything for here. Nina has handled getting us all the transport for today (bus to train station & train tickets), which was nice.

The train ride took over 1 hour from Bangkok & stopped quite a bit on the way, but it was decent overall. Once in Ayuthaya we got off at our stop & went outside the terminal. There we were greeted by lots of Tuk Tuks, who all saw us as walking ATMs, who they could overcharge for the very short ride into town. We didn't play the game & decided to walk to hostel since they were trying to overcharge so badly. However, after walking a short distance, all the time being followed by Tuk Tuk drivers, we ended up paying half the original price, which was at the normal rate. In the end I think we gave in more due to the heat that getting the right cost though :)

The place that we decided to stay was at PU Guest House which was quite nice fan room for the under $4 price. At the guest house they rent out bikes to use around the town. The bikes however are really bad condition. The shocks are nonexistent, the frames sag & the tires are under inflated. Thankfully there are no hills in Ayuthaya & it was not that far to things, but all the way for the entire day we had Thai people pointing & laughing at us. It was actually quite funny. I guess most people must either find better bikes or take the public transport, but we really enjoyed riding the bikes & the reaction of the Thai people made us laugh as well :)

According to Lonely Planet, "despite the steep admission price, has informative, professional displays, that paint an indispensable picture for viewing the city". I am not sure if it was indispensable, but it was informative & nicely done. There were no camera allowed inside so you only get to see us sitting outside the building.

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Larger Version - 01 - Nina in Front of the Center
01 - Nina in Front of the Center
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Larger Version - 02 - Nina in Front of the Center
02 - Nina in Front of the Center
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Larger Version - 03 - Brock in Front of the Center
03 - Brock in Front of the Center
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