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Thailand - 2005-07-13 - 03 - Pak Chong - Nina's Birthday Supper

When we had been traveling together in New Zealand we had been close to staying together for the holidays, but the logistics just didn't work out. So we decided to celebrating holidays from the past 7 months we had been apart including both of our birthdays & Christmas. The first holiday was Nina's Birthday, even though it had originally been in May. We dressed in our nicest clothes & looked for a nice restaurant for a while and eventually found the one pictured below. A funny story from the meal. What Nina ordered had these 2 red peppers in it. Well eventually she decided to eat one of these peppers which was a huge mistake because it was incredibly hot. She instantly stopped talking (which is pretty unusual!) & turned red. She downed her juice & they got her some water at her request, next was the soy milk. The soy milk finally did the trick & soothed her scorching throat. Now this had a huge impact on the trip because after that she realized how much she liked soy milk & would try to find it wherever we went, even drinking it after she got home. The rest of the diner by comparison was uneventful, but the food was really nice & the service was great. They treated us so well.

After we were there for a little while the band started getting setup. The eventually started playing & after we finished our supper we got up to dance. The way the restaurant was setup was that at the front there was a small dance area, but you are basically dancing right in front of the rest of the diners. The interesting thing was that while we danced we were filmed by the owner & even photographed by other diners (I guess they must not get too many travelers here). When we were done we even received a round of applause from the other patrons! Needless to say they did not want us to leave when it was time to go. The owner took our pictures a few time & even took a few pictures for us. She is pictured in the last picture as well. It was actually quite fun to be so interesting to the locals. It wasn't weird it was like they were just interested in us & appreciated us being there. It really made the night quite special.

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Larger Version - 01 - Nina
01 - Nina
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Larger Version - 02 - Nina
02 - Nina
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Larger Version - 03 - Brock & Nina
03 - Brock & Nina
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04 - Brock & Nina
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05 - Restaurant
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06 - Nina & Brock
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07 - Owner
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