Qualifications - Owner's Recommendations

Seven Lakes Hike, Bulgaria - 2008

Sheri, Owner, Lumber Land LLC (chopperbox.com) - October 30, 2011

Brock has always been a very responsible person and always looking for ways to help improve life for others. He has been very involved with our family business in the capacity of making changes that save us money and time. He created the computer programs that best fit our accounting processes. Doing this saved me lots of time and was far more accurate and efficient. He could see many more cost effective ways of using the computer systems to make our business more successful. We work for large a number of insurance companies in 3 states and this means that we needed a more efficient and faster way to be able to serve them. We repair chopper boxes and the main demand of the insurance company is to be able to get to the farms and see what damage is done right away after they call. Brock stated that we needed to get the insurance adjuster to start to take pictures and e-mail them to us and that we could then give them an estimate using these pictures. Doing this sped up our response time greatly making both farmers and adjusters happier. Of course, this also saved us a lot of money in fuel and also time. Brock has an ability to look at an area of business and find a way to make it more efficient and effective.

In 2007, we started to look into becoming a Limited Liability Company and Brock did all the research on the advantages and disadvantages for our company. He worked with the lawyer and accountant to make the transition. It was lots of forms and agreements that I did not know how to do. Brock helped with the year-end tax process, payroll, hiring and interviewing of employees, and going over the books to see if we can make changes that are advantageous to us, our employees, the insurance companies and the farmer. Brock knows how a business must run to be efficient and make money and will work hard for everyone involved.

Nicholas, UW-Madison Research Specialist - October 4, 2011

Brock Waterman was a highly motivated individual in his studies, showing dedication to his class work and extracurricular activities. He was instrumental in the success of many of his classmates both in the classroom and out of the classroom. Brock has showed great leadership abilities and his ability to problem solve with others on many different occasions. Brock's ability to relate to others, listen and understand others point of view is just one of his many assets that he can bring to the work place. Brock has the experience, personality traits, motivation and leadership ability to succeed in any professional area he chooses. I am proud to know Brock as a fellow member of the Pioneer Investment Club, as a Student Tutor, and as a great friend. I strongly recommend him to any potential employer.

Roxane, Ph.D., Professor, University of Wisconsin - Platteville - February 2, 2011

Brock Waterman has been a student in my finance classes at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and is my advisee. I highly recommend Brock without any reservation. He is an outstanding student at our university and will be an alumnus we can be proud of.

Brock has natural leadership skills, very strong communication skills and outstanding quantitative skills. His work was always in the top 1% of his class due to his strong work ethic, superior analytical skills and positive attitude. He thrives on being challenged and he works well with others. Brock is one of the students you hate to see graduate because he is so enjoyable to have in your class. He has a thirst for knowledge, a desire to excel and has integrity. Brock has unlimited potential and will succeed in any endeavor he decides to do.

Catherine, Spanish Instructor, University of Wisconsin-Platteville - February 12, 2008

Brock has been a student of mine for the past two semesters in Spanish at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. In the seven years of teaching, I have rarely had students of Brock's integrity and work ethics. He is always a joy to have in class because of his contributions and attitude. He always is prepared for class and willing to go above and beyond.

One of his most important contributions to me, was helping me set up my grade book in Excel. Most students would only volunteer if they were going to receive extra credit. Brock, on the other hand, has not only come into my office to help with the procedure, he has also emailed me with questions and suggestions to make the grade book easier to use.

Another important trait is Brock's attention to detail. He is always handing in assignments days or even weeks before they are due. Very early in the Fall semester, he visited the Writing Center on campus to make sure his research paper for the end of October would be excellent. And indeed it was!