E-mail Update - 2005-08-19

Pictures and New Phone Number

Hey Everyone,

Attached are two pictures of the island & one of my first rock climbing experience. One thing to notice from the island pictures is how much of the beach you can see. Before the tsunami you could only see trees, the outside edge of the beach & a few resorts that stuck out a little past the trees. You could not see from one side of the island to the other & in the middle you saw nothing but trees from the view point. The first picture was taken from the viewpoint. The second picture is from the other side of the island & was taken after rock climbing (the relaxing hang afterwards looking around is the best part).

When I get some more time I will do a proper update again about the end of my time in Bali & my time in Thailand, but not sure when that will be.
The divemaster course is going well, but is taking most all of my time.

Lastly my phone number has changed. The phone number I had before no longer works. Here is the new phone number:

09 2914093

Take Care